Friday, July 28, 2006

Lab same as one in the Lance controversy

It was only a few months ago that the WADA, the organization running the lab testing Landis' sample A, came under attack for its handling of the Lance doping scandal. The UCI approved a scathing report (link) of the WADA lab, and the WADA threatened to sue the UCI (link) after releasing their own response to the UCI report (link).

The lab in question is known as the LNDD (Laboratoire National de Dépistage du Dopage), the French national anti-doping lab in the Paris suburb of Chatenay-Malabry.

And only five months later, the same lab and the two supposedly divided organizations are together to publically release the premature guilt of Floyd Landis.

The Vrijman report, in its critique of the WADA's handling of the Lance controversy, found that the WADA violated its own assumptions in order to attack Lance Armstrong. In the conclusion Vrijman writes,

WADA had also the intention that the research results, in combination with the additional information requested by WADA, be used for disciplinary purposes against individual athletes, directly contrary to its representation that the results would not be used “for any sanction purpose ”. In this sense one can speak of targeting by WADA of the participants of the 1998 and 1999 Tours de France (128).

Vrijman also found that "the LNDD violated applicable rules on athlete confidentiality by commenting publicly on the alleged positive findings, especially in relation with a particular rider, Lance Armstrong."


Blogger "Stitch" Oliver Starr said...

Dick Pound is as much a problem as anyone. He doesn't even adhere to the rules for testing and the procedures that are in place to make certain that an athlete's career isn't damaged in the event of an error are followed.

The man is so bent on prosecuting cyclists that he has lost all credibility when it comes to his position and the sport.

While I don't deny that cycling has its share of problems with controlled substances, the athletes must have faith in the system if the system is going to work.

Dick Pound is doing a hell of a job destroying that faith and any shred of credibility that WADA might have with athletes.

As a former professional cyclist that has raced with LeMond, Armstrong, Landis, Hamilton and many, many others, I honestly think that not one more athlete should submit to a control until Pound steps down and a sane and impartial man that is interested in the health of the athletes and the well being of the sport is found to replace this biased, angry, predator who is bent on damning athletes before they've even had the benefit of the process that Pound himself helped design to insure that testing was fair, accurate and very difficult to beat.

Hearing this buffoon makes me sick to my stomach. The man is the worst combination of moron and hypocrite. It makes me glad that I retired from cycling though sometimes I wish I wasn't a biochemist since I know so much about this it makes it even harder to take.

And by the way, no one would use testosterone for an acute benefit. Either Landis was sabotaged by a competitor, fan or the f'd up lab (which is the same lab the UCI investigation last year for Lance found utterly inept- so why are THEY DOING BOTH SAMPLES???? THIS SMELLS FUNNY!!!)

Armstrong has been tested more than any athlete in history. IF he was doping he deserves another medal for being the most innovative and successful doper sport has ever seen.

And Landis...this is just bull. The man won the tour on guts. I've raced with enough doped up riders to know the difference.

Incidentally, (and sorry for the schizophrenic comment but it's late/early and I'm tired) LeMond should shut the hell up. He's the only one of the group that was racing when EPO was available but couldn't be detected in any tests. He'd be a lot quieter if he thought a few samples of his urine from his tour victories were still in a freezer and I'd wager my income for a year that were we to get those samples and test them they'd be hotter than the temperature under Dick Pound's collar.

Oliver Starr

7:39 AM  

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