Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Puttin' our heads together: Whatever happened to the WADA lawsuit?

After the UCI backed the Vrijman report this past March the WADA contemplated aloud about suing the UCI. Does anyone know what happened to that suit? Please share in the comments section if you know. (The contributions in the comments section of this blog are highly informative & thought-provoking.) Thanks in advance.


Blogger CasualTourFan said...

I had never heard of the Vrijman Report (being a new fan of cycling), so looked on the internet for information to learn about this. If WADA had actually sued the UCI or anyone else, it probably would have hit the internet. It looks like Dick Pound is possibly full of hot air. This begins to look like a three ring circus. French Lab leaks info about old samples to L'Equipe, Armstrong comes out swinging, UCI commissions a report from Vrijman, Vrijman leaks report to Dutch press, Pound threatens to sue UCI, Armstrong asks IOC to fire Pound. What court would hear a lawsuit on this issue???

12:14 PM  
Blogger Ministry of Information said...

Very interesting thought. I thhink this help go back to the suggestion Landis has raised of a possible Agenda and it should come as no surprise that Dick Pound has finally provided that agenda:

'The Montreal-based organization urged governments to ratify the UNESCO convention which makes the terms of the World Anti-Doping Code enforceable by law.

So far, only 15 countries have signed the convention. The treaty will only come into effect when 30 countries have signed. The next opportunity to ratify the convention will come at a meeting of European sports ministers in Moscow in October.' (Exerpt from TSN.ca)

Doesn't this 'new' allegation also conveniently serve WADA purposes? They can finally move away from Armstrong and use this new scandal to call Landis a cheat and not accept any hint whatsoever of process problems.

I can think of someone else who used a similar tactic when they couldn't get the guy they wanted, George Bush. Landis is WADA's IRAQ! Feel free to expand on all the wonderful comparison opportunities here!

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Blogger Free Floyd said...

The limiting factor in Landis' case is the UCI not the WADA. That is to say, the UCI has the WADA run testing for the UCI. If the WADA had any credible basis for a lawsuit against the UCI, then it would be in the UCI's interest to strike a deal and back off of the WADA. You know, keep things friendly. the agreement might be to give the WADA more latitiude in the margins of the testing guidance. Or Pound may have been blowing hot air. But Pound is a talented and experienced attorney and certainly no one should take a suit threat from him lightly. It is a potential factor here that to my knowledge has received no scrutiny in the press.

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